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Factory Balls

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Unasdatitled-1Factory Balls is very interesting game that is based on the ability to think broadly and trains memory. A very popular game among gaming can be called a mathematical game. There is a huge amount new levels. and each level has each difficulties. In Factory Balls the goal is to create such BALL required for each level, using various tools. The player begins with a rotating round cog full of plain white balls and a palette of gizmos that, when used in the proper order, will cause the plain ball to match the goal design. Through logic and trial-and-error, the usage of each tool is discovered. We can explain many features of this game because game description is a bit abstract, so maybe an example is in order. So you have a great chance to play and try it by yourself. In the sixth level the player must create an orange ball with black “eyes” and an orange nose it’s easier seen than described so you can try this game and check by yourself. At your disposal is a lot of tools for each need. One of the tools paints the ball orange, another paints it black, another creates a nose and a fourth puts “sunglasses”

on the ball in order to allow the eyes to remain black while the rest of the ball is painted orange. So you have a huge amount of various tools to chose. The order in which you apply the tools is the challenge of each level.The game consists of 14 levels of increasing complexity, and is over if the player messes up too many times and runs out of white balls. This game is very interesting to play and usefull for player so don`t miss you chance and take you time with pleasure playing game Factory Balls.