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Gameplay The only instruction given in order to play the game is to drag and drop the ball in various "containers" that will produce an effect and the player is supposed to create a ball with a combination of such effects in order to clear a level. The puzzle and strategy elements of the game come in when the player has to decide on the right combinations that will create the ball required by the level. Once the ball that is required to be created is completed by the player, it will be packaged and the level will be cleared automatically. At any point of the game, the player can choose to discard the ball that is created in a trash bin on the occasion that the player makes a mistake. The challenging part of the game is that there is a limited amount of balls with which you need to complete the game so making too many mistakes can lead to losing the game if you do not have enough balls left to clear a level. Each new game starts with about 20 balls and decreases by 1 for each one that is used to clear a level or gets destroyed by making too much errors. Tips and Tricks Being a being puzzle/strategy, the trick in completing each level of the game comes from personal strategy and thinking process. Even though the order is set for which type of ball should be created next, no clue can be provided on what should be done in order to create that ball because that is the essence of the game. One tip in solving each level would be to use trial and error in order to see what effect each "container" will have when the ball is put in that "container". However, be cautious as too much errors can lead to the ball being destroyed. A trick in the game is that the paint cans can be used repeatedly without destroying the ball. However, repeated uses of instruments of any sorts such as the hole maker or the pumps will destroy the ball. About This Website The game can be played on this website which hosts Bart Bonte's game and also hosts all the other games he has created. He has also created a Christmas edition of the game and it can also be viewed on this website. No registration is required to play the games and he even provides with solutions to some of the games he has created. If you like this game, please share it with others, leave a comment on his website or even like us on Facebook. You can also subscribe to this game on this website.

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