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Factory Balls Game

» Factory Balls Game

Test your problem-solving skills with Factory Balls, a Bart Bonte game! The point of the game is to do different things to a plain white ball to get it to match the one pictured. So for instance, you might get a green ball with orange spots and glasses that you have to try to match. The game will give you different tools, such as a paint bucket, glasses, or a spidery-looing machine, that you have to use to decorate the plain white ball. So, all that being said, let’s take a look at how to play!

To begin a game, you could either jump right in with the flashing “Play!” button, or you could customize your challenge with “Extra: Tumble!”. This is where you can change the number of balls you will be able to use or adjust the speed of the ball tumbler. Once you select “Play!”, you then get to decide at what level of difficulty you will begin playing. If this is your first game, only level one will be available, and the next levels will unlock as you complete them. After the game begins, click on a white ball and drag it to the different tools around the main circle to use them. You will want to use them in the right order to decorate your ball to match the one on the cardboard box below. When your ball matches the picture, it will drop in the box, and you are free to move up to the next level! If you get stuck, and need to start over, move the ball you were working on to the recycle bin on the right, but remember that once you use up all the balls in the tumbler, your game is over.

Be patient, and keep trying different combinations. Remember to share and like this website on Facebook. Have fun!

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